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ArtDECOstruction event at Zadok Art Gallery Miami

From Luca Artioli Press Pitch

Hundreds of photographers have tried to capture the famous Miami Art Deco landmarks by photographing hotels that line Ocean Drive’s bustling streets, but none have quite been able to depict this decorative architecture the way Artoli has. Famous superstructures become sheer silhouettes; a canvas for Artioli’s unique interpretation. His vision transcends his contemporaries and ties in the past seamlessly with the present capturing the movement that is inherent to Miami.

Artioli has published ten best selling coffee table books ( and has recently been featured on CBS profiling his entry into Miami. We await his interpretation, utilizing photography as the medium to express his own unique perspective on what Art Deco is to both the local and international audience. We are honored at ZAG Gallery to represent such an extraordinary talent with robust international recognition and encourage you to explore Artioli’s journey through his rich body of work.


With this amazing series of photos the word- renowed artist Luca Artioli offers to the city of Miami and to the world of art a beauty gathered for Art Basel an abslolute unaspected and original vision of the historical Art deco district. Deconstruction is the name which was given by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida with the attempts to demonstrate that any text is not a discrete whole but contains several irreconcilable and contradictory meanings; that any text therefore has more than one interpretation.

With ArtDeconstruction Artioli give to our era a new interpretation of the art deco elements. He captures from the past the main features, design, lines and colors and re-presents all of them to us again. The artist reinvents the old deco features and bring them in a new reinassence without letting them loosing their original soul, profile and character. Artioli is not doing simply a separation of components, he offers a new language that speak about history that move into the future. ArtDeconstruction its not only an artistic effort and experiment but reprensent a warm wind that comes from the 30’s and arrive until our days with the original aura. ArtDeconstruction bring to us a music that lives and speack about “non time”.

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Posted: January 29, 2012


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