Luca Artioli

Impressions of New York

Can you imagine New York City with the eyes of the impressionistic French Painter Claude Monet (1840-1926)?
​My work has always been inspired in some way by Monet and the French impressionist movement.
When I have decided to live in New York for more than one year I though I could realise this project.
Depict and represent New York in an unexpected way, the way Monet could have done.
With my camera I have realised many photos of NYC with the ICM technique (Intentional Camera Moving) that, with long exposure, helps to recreate the impressionistic effect and allure.Like Monet I went back in the same place in different moment of the day during the cycle of the 4 seasons.
​St Patrick’s Cathedral like Notre Dame in Paris or Rouen Cathedral, Central Park and the Bronx Botanical Garden like The Water Lily Pond or the Artist Garden at Giverny, the play of the lighton the Hudson River like the painting “Impression, Sunrise” in the port of Le Havre, The New York Skyline like the London Parlament House, The Brooklyn Bridge like the Waterloo Bridge in London….
​It was nice and intriguing to imagine what Claude Monet could have painted visiting Time Square or the High Line, the New York Subway or the Freedom Tower.All the places and venues represented in this work are clearly recognisable even though they looks more like paintings than pictures.
​Now you just need to close a little bit your eyes and imagine…
​Be inspired!

This artistic project contains more than 150 photos. Some of them will be parto of a book/exhibition in 2019
4 of these photos are now for sale at the New York Gallery Waterfall Mansion Gallery 170 E 80th St, New York, NY 10075, USA
For inquiries please contact Jiwong Song