Luca Artioli

ArtDECOnstruction in Miami

With this amazing series of photo Luca Artioli offers to the city of Miami and to the world of art a beauty gathered for Art Basel an abslolute unaspected and original vision of the historical Art deco district.

Deconstruction is the name which was given by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida with the attempts to demonstrate that any text is not a discrete whole but contains several irreconcilable and contradictory meanings; that any text therefore has more than one interpretation.

With ArtDeconstruction Artioli give to our era a new interpretation of the art deco elements. He captures from the past the main features, design, lines and colors and re-presents all of them to us again. The artist reinvents the old deco features and bring them in a new reinassence without letting them loosing their original soul, profile and character.

Artioli is not doing simply a separation of components, he offers a new language that speak about history that move into the future.

ArtDeconstruction its not only an artistic effort and experiment but reprensent a warm wind that comes from the 30’s and arrive until our days with the original aura. ArtDeconstruction bring to us a music that lives and speack about “non time”.


The streamline make my path easier and clearer.
Pastel colors are entering into the windows of my night.