Luca Artioli

Della luce, del buio

Light on darkness

Light on darkness,

love on death,

the desire to shine,

to find the soul’s breath,

will be like the moon when it finds the snow;

like the sun when it lives on the mountains;

it will be yours

it will be light.

Luce su buio

Luce su buio,

amore su morte,

il desiderio di risplendere,

di trovare il respiro dell’anima,

sarà come la luna quando trova la neve;

come il sole quando vive sui monti;

sarà tuo

sarà luce.

One day I will fly away and follow the white clouds.I will chase after the blue, and in the blue I will learn to see beyond the highest peaks; Yes, one day I will fly high, I will take with me the dearest images; the most intense faces. I will carry smiles and weeping, my young experience. I will carry them into the air, into time. Nothing will be lost. Nothing of all that has fluttered my pulsewill melt away. With me, with my heart, with my cry, I will take all.