Luca Artioli

Miami Skin

Miami Skin is one of the few “Still photo” project realised only in Black and White. It’s not a traditional collection of photos about the architecture of Miami and Miami Beach. It’s rather a quick travel between its own skin from the Art Deco District to the modern skyline of our days.

Stripes, circles, squares, reflections show only some details of important buildings but they all have the power to arise emotions and unespected shapes and volumes inside us. A final touch is reserved to nature skin from the ocean to the tropical vegetation.

You need now to make an effort of imagination to discover and compose the all pictures and eventually frame it in your own mind.

I leave you with the goal and a sort of homework…to see if there is any substance and any soul under the skin of this beautiful city.

Black and white still photos, geometrical details, volumes and shapes to discovers. Some photos from this project are on sale in the prestigious on line art gallery 1stdibs
DM to see a selection of photos from this project at or IG: luca.artioli.photographer