Luca Artioli

Nature as Art (The Desert)

You emerged in my desert

You entered my soul,

silent and invisible,

like a stream of water that runs

beneath high sand dunes

and gushes out in a cascade of light

You emerged in my desert,


eyelashes like palm leaves,

you are my oasis,

I am thirsty for you.

Sei emersa nel mio deserto

Sei entrata nella mia anima,

silenziosa e invisibile,

come un corso d’acqua che scorre

sotto alte dune di sabbia

occhio verde,

ciglia di palme,

sei la mia oasi,

ho sete di te.

DM to see a selection of photos from this project at or IG: luca.artioli.photographer

Where are you leaving your footprints?
A slow work carries you far.
In the desert you hear a vibration of life,
water gushing forth like the benevolent eye of the sky.
You lean over to drink your resurection.