Luca Artioli

Ode to Miami

Ode to Miami. I live into the Miami rooms, the ones with the Art Deco windows, the ones with the vertigo glass like wall. I live under the Miami sky, where your breath enters that of the ocean. and in the air passes, impalpabile, a dream. I live into the Miami gardens where flowers without a season, bloom the road of hope. Can you hear the fallings of thoughts? free to fall into another flower? I live into the Miami ocean. It’s like floating in one thousands sea, each of one brings to my soul solace, peace and strenght. I live into the Miami clouds, the ones that make ascend my heart into the winds of silence, The ones the create unexpected chain of mountains. If I close my eyes, I can touch the snow. I live into the Miami rain, it quenches my thirst and cleans the fears. Yes, I live in this earth of renaissance. Thank you Miami.

This artistic project contains inspired by the poem "Ode to Miami" represents all the elements of Miami from its nature like ocean and tropical vegetation to its architecture from the Art Deco to the Modern Skyline.
DM to see a selection of photos from this project at or IG: luca.artioli.photographer