Luca Artioli

Miami Studio Gallery

Look at the video with the latest photo installation in my Miami Studio

Visit the fine art photographer studio of Luca Artioli in Miami Beach in SoFI. You can find for sale photos printed in limited editions already framed. Some of them were in important exhibition at the FIU Wolfsonian Museum like the photos about tropical vegetation that were in the exhibition “Philodendron” curated by Christian Larsen curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York) or  the series of WW1 Trenches (A Fatal Pass curated by Jon Mogul). But you can even find photos from The Art Deco Series of Miami Beach that were exposed at the Art Deco Museum in Miami Beach or a collection of photos of Venice from the Serenissima Dreaming exhibition at the Zadok Gallery in Miami.
Most of the photos are framed 50 inch for 37 but other sizes are available. Price upon request starting from $ 2.500.

DM to see a selection of photos from this project at or IG: luca.artioli.photographer