Luca Artioli

Serenissima Dreaming

Inspired by English painter William Turner (1775-1851), Luca Artioli offers us his vision of Venice on a twenty-first century pre-impressionism.

Luca Artioli, in this serie, resurrects the feeling and impressions that William Turner had when he painted Venice.

The colors, the warmth of the city transpire from the photos and send us back in 1830’s.

As in the paintings, we can recognize the buildings, bridges, squares, but every details from the architecture or the décor are voluntarily out of focus, to give us the impression that we are actually moving into Venice, looking at the big picture because of the over abundance of small details.

A poet in possession of phenomenal range of emotion, Artioli has evolved over the years as an artist that is respected for both his skill with the pen as well as the camera.

Using all the technical aspects of the professional cameras such as playing with the movement, changing the length of the exposure, shutter speed… makes his work absolutely unexpected, pictorial and poetic. The photos are not retouched with Photoshop and what you see is the original photoshoot.


DM to see a selection of photos from this project at or IG: luca.artioli.photographer
Light becomes water. A liquid tasting of dawn creeps into the fissure of my night