Luca Artioli

Venice Saint George Island

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This photo was shot by using ICM technique (Intentional Camera Movements). Is there no artificial post-production.

Luca Artioli is the Most international important Master of this techqnique and he’s adopting it for 20 years: life is movement and like French Impressionist painters he capture the world in costant movement.

Saint George Island is a small island placed in front of Saint Mark Square, the most famous one in Venice. The monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore is located on the island. Part of the complex is the famous basilica by Andrea Palladio, the famous Renaissance architect and citizen of the city of the Republic of Venice. See other photos like this.

This photo is available in three formats:

  • 30×20 inches
  • 50×33 inches
  • 70×47 inches

It’ll be mounted in following materials:

  • plexiglas (1/8″) – front
  • dibond – back

Others sizes, way of printing and mounting are available upon request. Feel free to contact su for a quote.

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