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Visit the Artist Photo Gallery in
245 Michigan Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA
Call for appointment
Cell: +1 786 972 5510
Phone/fax +1 786 768 2113

Via Rondoni, 11
20146 Milan ITALY
Cell: +39 335 7067314
Phone/Fax +39 02 4222982

Luca Artioli started in 2018 a collaboration with
the prestigious New York Gallery.

Waterfall Mansion Gallery
170 E 80th St, New York, NY 10075, USA

For inquiries please contact Jiwong Song

All the photos are avaiable for purchase.
The price depend on the number of edition (editions limited from 3 to 10) and the avaiability of each photo.
The artist realise even single photo installations and special projects for Museums, Art Galleries, Collectors, Curator, Interior Designers, Architects.
The images on this site are not in the public domain.
They are the sole property of the artist and may not be reproduced on the internet, redistribuited, sold, altered, modified by artificial, digital or in any others form without the express written permission of the artist.

You can find these books on in USA and in all the Mondadori bookshops and in the main bookshop in Italy likewise on and

Have a great reading, Buona lettura!


The books of Artioli offer a different point of view of the natural beauties, a view pointing out even the most hidden and secret aspects of the earth which is equally rich in extraordinary and unusual forms.
Suggesting visions and strong light are thus underlined so that they seem to capture the clearest as well as the rarest aspects from human collective imagery.
The aim of Artioli’s work is bring out the strong link between the tensions of man and those of nature, showing as, through perception of this strong link, one may receive strength and energy.

The words alongside the photos help the reader to slip into an almost unreal and magical world, where one's soul and moods may move along bright paths and abandon tiredness and darkness to the shapes of nature.


Most of the photos that you find on my site are taken using the ICM Technique (Intentional Camera Movement).
ICM allows the photographer to create artistic and pictorial images moving intentionally the camera and using long exposures.
I have discovered this way to take pictures 20 years ago and I have published my first ICM photo in the book "Val Gardena".
Since then it took to me many years to became a master in the movement. I was so impressed by the results that eventually I decided to work only using this technique.
I have been always fascinated by the French Impressionist painters like Claude Monet (1840-1926)
They have started to see and to depict "the impression” of a world in constant movement.
I like to think that my work in some way is an homage to them: a photographic impressionism.
Every thing moves! We live on a planet in movement and our emotions moves. Happiness is a flow of joy, desperation is a river of pain.
Colours movement create the light.Time is movement, seasons are a cycle as it is our life.
ICM helps the artist to create metaphors and to wonder and surprise people.
I hope you can enjoy this work. Be inspired!

"Light over darkness,
love over death,
the desire of shining,
of finding the breath of the soul,
will be like the moon when it finds the snow,
like the sun when it lives on the mountains,
it will be yours,
it will be light."


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