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Since Luca Artioli started his career as a professional photographer  he has avoided the use of photoshop, favoring instead the use of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). He was the pioneer of this particular photo technique that helps to create a dreaming a pictorial world. He has started using it when he understood that he had a vision of a world in constant movement. Everything for Artioli lives in movement. Our universe expands, our planet turns, our seasons create the perfect cycle and our emotions are fluid like water. In Artioli photos people can feels the inner feelings and souls of the humanity he met in his paths, people can see the flow and the energy of a nature that is continually renewed. People can feel the flow of history entering the future. Artioli started then to employs this manual technique to capture a unique photographic result which conveys a sense of motion, of transition, and allows people to share and enjoy his poetic a pictorial vision of his own universe. Artioli is a multi-talented artist who has shown around the world. His books, poems, photography and singular vision encapsulate the established history of classic Italian Art, and move it forward with a fresh, modern take of art, love, passion, and culture, all of which are quintessentially Italian, while remaining true to his own personal artistic journey.

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