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“A nomadic artisan who travels the world capturing the most revered landmarks through his discerning camera lens: welcome to the life of Luca Artioli”

Luca Artioli, an artist, poet and photographer recognized in Europe and around the world, has worked for years in the most vital artistic circles of world culture, such as La Scala Opera House in Milan, The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami during Art Basel, Hermès in Paris, Waterfall Mansion Gallery in New York. Artioli has evolved over the years as an artist who is appreciated for both his skill with the camera as well as the pen. Luca Artioli was born in Milan but he has been living in Miami since 2008. In 2000, after receiving a master in photography, he left the world of finance to follow his special vocation for “light” and poetry. In few years Artioli has published a number of books with Mondadori, the key publishing house in Italy, some of them translated in many languages. The books of Artioli are notes of light rich of emotions and poetry. Artioli has had numerous photographic exhibitions around the world from Milan, to Bombay, Dubai, New York, Miami. The Author has carried out press coverage and his works are sold in leading art galleries in Italy and abroad, where the author now spends most of his time.

Luca Artioli with Artioli Art & Design LLC has realized artistic projects for: The Wolfsonian Museum Miami Beach, The Metropolitan Opera New York, The Metropolitan Museum New York, La Scala Opera House – Milan, Hermès – Paris, Fendi – Milan, MontBlanc – Hamburg, Royal Caribbean Miami, Mediobanca – Milan, Banque National de Paris – Paris, Ministry of Foreign Affairs MAE Rome – Esercito Italiano Rome, Regione Lombardia – Milan, Italy, Regione Valle D’Aosta – Aosta, Italy, Regione Trentino Alto Adige – Bolzano, Italy.

With Mondadori he has publised India Colori di Vita – India Colors of Life, 2005; Respiro Neve – I Breath Snow, 2007 and Al di là del Buio- Beyond the dark, 2009, Le Stagioni della Musica – Seasons of Music, 2009. With Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori, he has published Della luce, del buio, 1997; Val Gardena, emozioni di un millennio, 1999; Val Gardena, i colori dell’estate, 2000; Bianco di luna – Blanc de lune, 2001; Adda, il Segno dell’acqua, 2002; I Campi dell’Anima – Soul Fields, 2004.


December 2022 - January 2023

Luca Artioli has participated with 2 photos exhibition during the 2022 Miami Art Basel week.

Both exhibition will be run throughout January 2023.

The first one is "Parlami con gli occhi - Speak to Me With Your Eyes" and islocated in Miami Beach at Platform Sogol Décor,  410 Meridian Ave #101 Miami Beach FL 33139.

The second exhibition is "Sustainable Vulnerability” and it's located at the Temple Emanu-El, 1701 Washington Ave Miami Beach FL 33139.

August 2020

First Solo exhibition at Waterfall Mansion Gallery in New York.

July 2020

Be Still Media Fondation “Unexpected intrusion of Beauty” Competition Victory for “COVID-19 Homage to NYC” project – 2nd place. 

May 2020

“White Quarantine” artistic project.

April 2020

COVID-19 Homage to NYC


The Beating Brain

“I have opened my eye on the abyss. My lens has focused on the severe migraine. A nasty and devious disease that destroy your psyche and body leaving indifferent all the people that observe it from outside.”

This work wants to create awareness and empathy on this health and social plague that touch prevalently women. The movement in the photos (ICM Technique) helps to represent the fluidity of the pain and the beating of the brain that sometime seems to explode. This work has been promoted by the non profit organization WomanCare and presented to The Italian Parlament at Palazzo Macuto in Rome with a photo exhibition and a conference with a scientific and political panel.

1 November 2019

Luca Artioli became a US Citizen.

August 2018

Luca Artioli start to collaborate with the New York Gallery Waterfall Mansion Gallery IG: waterfallmansion. He is part of the exhibition Infinite Grace 2. You can find limited edition photos of New York. DM the gallery contacting Jiwon Song

October 2017

Since October 2017 Luca Artioli start to collaborate in Miami with Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque of The Art Design Project represents a selected work of Luca Artioli even through the prestigious online Gallery 1stdibs.


June 2017

Luca Artioli starts to collaborate for special artistic projects with Garry Scott Irvine of IAM  (INTELLIGENT ARTIST MANAGEMENT) – Based in Monte Carlo. IAM follows artistic projects all over the world from London to USA.


I have spent almost a year far from the art scene. I just wanted to make photos and write again poetry without any distractions. I needed a pause from the aggressive and crazy world of art. It was refreshing staying away from a while. My soul needed that. I needed to be reconnected with lost values and Nature.

October 16 2015 – February 28 2016

Partecipate at the Exhibition Philodendron: From Pan-Latin Exotic to American Modern

At The Wolfsonian Museum, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

For his participation at the Exhibition he received The Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award

May 2015

Luca Artioli is honored to received the Ambrogino D’Oro dell’Esercito a prestigious recognition of the italian army for his artistc interpratation of Palazzo Cusani in Milan, Via Brera 15 and for the solo Exhibition “A Fatal Pass, entrenchment on the Alpine front” at the Wolfsonian Museum of Miami in 2015

January 23 2015 – April 05 2015

The Wolfsonian Lobby, The Wolfsonian–FIU Museum, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL


Photographs by Milan-born artist Luca Artioli show the remains of First World War trenches in the Stelvio Pass, a significant zone of combat on the Alpine front, as they appeared in June 2014 during his visit to the region.

December 4-7, 2014

Participates During Art Basel Week at EuArt – Panorama Europa at Spectrum Miami, one of the major tents with Art Miami and Context between Wynwood and Design District. Booth 513. Exhibition curated by Ilaria Niccolini and Renato Miracco.

October 2013

Miami Design District 4141 NE 2 Ave with an opening dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi for the Bicentennial curated by  Lamberto Petrecca. During the opening in the Art Gallery there were performing the Camersiti della Scala from La Scala Opera House, Milan.

August 2013

Participates at the Art Deco Inspired Art Show at the Art Deco Museum in Miami Beach.

July 2013

He became part of the group of Artist of the prestigious Nuova Galleria Morone of Milan.

March 2013

At the Coral Gable Art Museum with photos of Venice from the “Serenissima Dreaming” series.

November 2012

Internationally acclaimed Italian artist re-envisions Miami’s Architecture

October 2012

In 2012 Artioli start to collaborate, after the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, with the Metropolitan Opera of New York City.
He worked on an artistic interpretation of The Tempest, of William Shakespeare in the version of Robert Lepage.

press release Fendi Artioli

November 2010 – March 2011

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast & FENDI CASA presented by Luxury Living cordially invite you to a private showing of SERENISSIMA DREAMING photographs of Venice by Italian Artist Luca Artioli at ZADOK ART GALLERY.This exclusive event will also include for the first time in Miami a retrospective on Alexander Calder’s lithographs (1898 – 1976) OPENING RECEPTION : NOVEMBER 30TH 2010 7.30PM – 11.PM AT ZADOK ART GALLERY , 2534 NORTH MIAMI AVENUE MIAMI, FL 33127

May 15 – October 26, 2010

Participates at the Show “Entre glace et neige – Between ice and snow” in Aosta, Italy at Centro Saint-Bènin with the famous international artists Anish Kapoor, Walter Niedermayr, Chris Drury, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Marc Quinn.

Curator: Laura Cherubini


January 2010

Arrives in the italian Book Shop, Seasons of Music published by Mondadori Publishing House. At a concert at La Scala Opera House in Milan – where in the darkness, with eyes closed, unmoving in the silence of the theater – a journey begins into the seasons of the soul. Vivaldi’s notes elict unintentional and unexpected experience, to which Luca Artioli surrenders in wonder…

March 2010
New photos from the series ArtDeconstruction for the grand opening of the Zadok Art Gallery in Miami


1 December 2009

Miami Art Basel – ArtDECOnstruction – Solo Exhibit hosted at Zadok Art Gallery December 1, 2009 at 7 pm – 11 pm
2534 North Miami Avenue. FL 33127 Miami

May 2009
Follow in tournée The Theater of La Scala of Milano in Moscow and in many different european capitals to realize a photographic book inspired by the Four Seasons of Vivaldi

March 27, 2009
Presentation of the book “Al di là del buio – Beyond The Dark” At Mondadori Bookshop Duomo
Square 1, Milan with Professor Claudio Mencacci, director of the department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the Hospital Fatebenefratelli-Oftalmico-Melloni in Milan.

January 15 – 18 2009
Palmbeach3 Contemporary Art Fair
Photo Exhibition at the booth of Berengo Studio Art Gallery, Murano, Venice
Palm Beach County Convention Center – Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

December 2008
Miami Art Basel
UNTITLED 2144 gallery of Miami has presented, as part of ARTITALIA 2008, a preview of some of the photographs from BEYOND THE DARK, the new book by poet-photographer Luca Artioli, to be published by Mondadori publishing house at the end of January 2009. A complete exhibition of the photos on the book, dedicated to the human depression, will be presented in Italy and abroad, following the book publishing.


October 2008
TV interview on CBS of Luca Artioli by Michele Gillen Chief Investigative Reporter
CBS4 News – October 14, 2008.

September 2008
Photo exhibition with some pictures taken from the book “Respiro Neve – I Breath Snow” during the presentation of the new collection of MontBlanc in Rome at the Hilton Hotel.


February 2008
Photo Exhibition “Hermès 2008 Indian Fantasies” in all Hermès Boutiques in Italy.


November 2007
Photo Exhibition at Dubai BurJuman Center, UAE.


April 2007
Photo Exhibition at Parma Arte Fiera at the stand of The Padua Art Gallery. The Event continue to Padova in the Padua Art Gallery.


May 2007
Photo Exhibition “About the moon and the sun, syntesis of light” To the “Il Circolo della Stampa”, Palazzo Serbelloni, Corso Venezia 16, Milan.


From 15 May to 31 May 2006
Photo Exhibition “open sea, blue, red, maybe dream” at Gelleria Laurin in Santa Margherita Ligure – Portofino


April/May 2006
Photo Exhibition “Galapagos” at the Medieval Castle of Oasi Sant’Alessio (Pavia)


January/March 2006
Photo Exhibition “India, Colors of life” At Maglificio Alessandra Showroom, Via Montenapoleone 29, Milan.


December 2005
Presentation of the volume “India Colori di Vita – India Colors of Life“ at the San fedele Auditorium in Milan showing views of the book on a screen with life music of Chopin, Mozart, played by Giovanni Vitaletti.


November/Dicember 2004
Photo Exhibition and Presentation of the book “I campi dell’anima – Soul Fields” in Milan at the Libreria Internazionale Ulrico Hoepli.


Photo Exhibition “Rinascenza blu (Blue Rebirth)” at Galleria Antonio Battaglia Arte Contemporanea a Milano Via Ciovasso, 5. The same exhibition at the Theatre Olmetto in Milano during the perfomance ” The Sherwd widow” of Goldoni and in India, Bombay at the Galleria Hacienda Art Gallery with the Italian General Consulate like sponsor.


March/May 2002
Photo Exhibition “The Hands” artistic organization and promotion D’Ars, Milano – March and April in Trento, Galleria 9 Colonne/Spe-Grand Hotel Trento, May in Parma at the Banca Popolare di Milano.

December 2001
Photo Exhibition “White in the Moonlight” at Libreria Rizzoli Gallery, Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

September/November 2001
Photo Exhibition “Ecuador and the Galapagos Island, Beyond the Horizon of Time”. Milan, Museum of Natural History and Sondrio, Museum of Art and Nature.


May and April 2000
Photo Exhibition “Walking Almost on the Snow” at Morone Gallery in Milan edited by Enzo Spadon (


December 1999
Photo Exhibition in Bolzano (Centro Culturale Claudio Trevi) and in Selva di Val Gardena (casa della Cultura) on the occasion of the presentation of the book Val Gardena, emozioni di un millennio (Val Gardena, Emotions of a Millennium).


April 1998
Photo Exhibition at Giovenzana Gallery in Milan, edited by Lanfranco Colombo.


February 1998
Photo Exhibition “Faces of Rajasthan” at Palavobis in Milan on the occasion of Gandhi celebrations.


17 December 1997
Presentation of the volume “About Light and Darkness” at the San fedele Auditorium in Milan showing views of the book on a screen with life music of Chopin, Wagner, Debussy played by Luca Schieppati. The same presentation in Courmayeur in January 1998 under the patronage of City.


Trips around the world
Chile, Morocco, Ethiopia, Libya, Yemen and Socotra Island, Mauritius, Iceland, Brasil, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, India, Nepal, Namibia, Mar Rosso, Martinica, Guadalupe, Grenadine, Holland, Canary Islands (Lanzarotte and Fuerteventura).

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