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Most of the photos that you find on my site are taken using the ICM Technique (Intentional Camera Movement).
ICM allows the photographer to create artistic and pictorial images moving intentionally the camera and using long exposures.
I have discovered this way to take pictures 20 years ago and I have published my first ICM photo in the book "Val Gardena".
Since then it took to me many years to became a master in the movement. I was so impressed by the results that eventually I decided to work only using this technique.
I have been always fascinated by the French Impressionist painters like Claude Monet (1840-1926)
They have started to see and to depict "the impression” of a world in constant movement.
I like to think that my work in some way is an homage to them: a photographic
Every thing moves! We live on a planet in movement and our emotions moves. Happiness is a flow of joy, desperation is a river of pain.
Colours movement create the light.Time is movement, seasons are a cycle as it is our life.
ICM helps the artist to create metaphors and to wonder and surprise people.
I hope you can enjoy this work. Be inspired!

"Light over darkness,
love over death,
the desire of shining,
of finding the breath of the soul,
will be like the moon when it finds the snow,
like the sun when it lives on the mountains,
it will be yours,
it will be light."

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