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In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between my two homes, USA and Italy, Azorean Islands are a special place for my heart and soul. I went there after the Pandemic and I could taste again the taste of liberty and . In these lost islands in the ocean nature triumph. Breathtaking landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures and rows of blue hydrangeas. On the main island, São Miguel, there are volcanic lakes, once calderas, and the Gorreana tea plantation.
I loved so much visiting these islands and this album comes out from my intention to give these magic places an impressionistic trait. Can you feel the power of the wind? The wind in the islands never stops and helps your soul to reach the sky.

860x574 Transatantic Crossing 07.jpg
The Tempest 1
860x574 Transatantic Crossing 12.jpg
The Tempest 2
860x574 Transatantic Crossing 11.jpg
The Tempest 3
860x574 Transatantic Crossing 03.jpg
The Tempest 4
860x574 Transatantic Crossing 01 .jpg
860x574  Transatantic Crossing 09.jpg
The Tempest 5
The Tempest 6
860x574  Transatantic Crossing 02.jpg
The Tempest 7
860x574  Birds & Strait of Gibraltar 20.jpg
The Tempest 9
MSC DIVINA 2024 Birds & Strait of Gibraltar 12.jpg
The Tempest 8
860x574 Birds & Strait of Gibraltar 12.jpg
The Tempest 10
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