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October 16 2015 – February 28 2016

IN 2015 Luca partecipate at the Exhibition Philodendron: From Pan-Latin Exotic to American Modern at The Wolfsonian Museum, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

For his participation at the Exhibition he received The Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award
The exhibition was curated by Christian Larsen. Luca as well than Christian, has been always fascinated by tropical vegetation and made an artistic research about the philodendron .

Fairchild Tropical ott 2013 16invhue.jpg
Philodendron 1
Fairchild Tropical Garden after Irma 13.jpg
Philodendron 2
Fairchild Tropical Garden after Irma 14invhue.jpg
Philodendron 3
Fairchild tropical vegetation nov 2013 05invhue.jpg
Philodendron 4
Fairchild Tropical ott 2013 09invhue.jpg
Fairchild Tropical ott 2013 08invhue.jpg
Philodendron 5
Philodendron 6
Fairchild Tropical ott 2013 06invhue.jpg
Philodendron 7
tropical vegetetion biltmore 04invhuesharp.jpg
Philodendron 9
Fairchild Tropical ott 2013 21invhue.jpg
Philodendron 8
Fairchild Tropical ott 2013 02invhue.jpg
Philodendron 10
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